Poetry Gallery 3 . . . .

Jeff Cochran






Turtle walked under pterodactyls
and space shuttles.
Turtle walked on as meteors fell
and atom bombs exploded.
Turtle out ran the hare
and ice age glaciers.
Turtle walked off the ark
and underneath the Volkswagen.
Turtle walked on leaves
that are now Tupperware.
Walk on turtle, walk on.




Immortality is a wheel
we're screwed to
the axle of
its tree
of seasons
and held by the spokes
of its word
that holds us to the rim
gives us the balls of bearing
in our greasy refrain.

I'll go on lying like this
muttering around the house
building these little machines of thought
that go thought thought thought
like a flat tire
because I can't stand
marble still.

My wife changes gears like the moon.
Just when I think
she's the one foot
on the other petal
she tells me she's tired.
Right when I point at a hill
she says, "But a unicycle."
When I want a divorce
I take off the chain
and go nowhere for a while.

Come back home to link our hips
to our spokes again
and find myself mesmerized
at how I can be coasting in tenth
while she's gasping in first
and visa versa

Two wheels
on the same frame
going the same place
having nothing in common
but this garden lovely
go round ground
and the heavenly sky
we rely upon.





I saw your 1000 trembling fears
in the sky of mind. What can I say
to you ?
Outside the boxed in talk
the black buds of the winter basswood
are surrounded
by the ice cold blue skies
of day and night. You
are just beginning to feel up in you
the swelling of sun, the welling of water,
the spring sap surge urge to shine wild
from within the black barked wood.

You are amber ember ready
to bloom open your sticks
flood the air waves
with your long young winter soul
of dreams streaming
to come into being.

Sun love comes in your blooming
trunk of flesh melting the wax
petaling the exhausted sky
making new winds
as you are leaving.

Stand tall in your roots
feel your hold onto the stone.



photo by Elana Hurwitz


I was driving up the serpent of tar
up the hallway of trees
on my way to Blue Mountain Lake
& right out of the blue
I see these HUGE lips
lovely, erotic, revelatory,
BLUE lips!

And I can hear her
even through the windshield
I can hear her whispering
"Jump out of your car
and kiss me."

I was inside my body
inside a two ton box
of metal glass and oil
traveling 55 miles an hour.

OK, I thought to myself
this may be a revelation but
it needn't be vehicular homicide.

So, I brake my car
I brake my car down to zero
leap out of my car
walk right out to the white lines
on the back a that black snake a tar
and I stand right up tall
on that black snake a tar
stand right up into those lovely lips
stand up tall in those lovely
blue   lips   of sky
those lovely   moist   blue   lips
of Adirondack Sky
and I jump up - and come down
I jump up - and come down
I jump up - and come down

and she's a smiling and I'm a smiling
and we got to feeling satisfied
and then I realized
I was standing in the middle of the highway
jumping up and down.

So I said, " Thank you sky,"
got back in my car
took off the emergency brake
checked the rear view mirror
and drove on up
to Blue Mountain Lake.

The Poems on this page were written by Jeff Cochran

Copyright 1996-2009 All Rights Reserved

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